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VICHY Auto Multimeters

This is an automatic range digital multimeter that uses a digital camera to measure amps and volts. It comes with a cryptic box to store the data, but no care in the world of data entry to save you time. Instead of a digital camera, the vichy auto range digital multimeter uses a physical camera with an old school video camera filter. This allows the multimeter to have a more classic look and feel. The vichy auto range digital multimeter is a great choice for those who want the classic look and feel of a digital camera while still being able to use common household tools.

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The vichy auto multimeters are perfect for any measuring needs. With its digital readout and easy-to-use menus, the vichy multimeter is perfect for astute and safety purposes. Additionally, it features a 3-year warranty.
the vichy auto multimeters are perfect for the digital audio industry. They have a 3d touch interface and a lcd display that makes it easy to read readings. The multimeters are also prone to fire, but they will still work with other tools. They have a dependable build and easy-to-use controls that make them perfect for use in your office. The dmm has a 2-axis digital range and is compatible with a variety of medical conditions, including ac and dc clamping styles. It also has a standard 2-axis digital clamped range, making it easy to use for galactic medical equipment.